We understand that people want to help, and when they donate for a cause, they want to know how they are making an impact. Our team’s impact is on a 100% volunteer basis. We are dedicated to donating our time, resources and networks to support the immediate relief efforts as well as the long-term sustainability improvements needed to rebuild a BETTER Puerto Rico. Every penny received goes directly to serve those in most need. Below is a log of the impact your donations are making.

Entendemos que la gente quiere ayudar, y cuando ellos donan por una causa, quieren saber cómo están haciendo un impacto. El impacto de nuestro equipo es 100% voluntario. Estamos dedicados a donar nuestro tiempo, recursos y redes para apoyar los esfuerzos inmediatos de socorro, así como las mejoras a largo plazo de la sostenibilidad necesarias para reconstruir un MEJOR Puerto Rico. Cada centavo recibido va directamente a servir a los más necesitados. A continuación se muestra un registro del impacto de sus donaciones.


Day 17 after Hurricane Maria – Our first plan arrives (7 October 2017)

Our first (mini) plane arrives! Pilot Ed is an absolute hero for flying to Aguadilla airport in his small plane from Miami via the Bermudas and the Dominican Republic. At some point we were really worried about him as we couldn't find him on the radar and we thought he may have disappeared in the Bermuda triangle...
Ed brought with him much needed medical supplies and about 300 mosquito repellant sprays, which are becoming more and more important by the day as it keeps on raining.
Given Wifi is only patchy, the airport only accepted cash to pay for his fuel. But Ed hadn't brought cash and therefore had to wait for hours for his cheque to be accepted.
It is those heroic tasks of individuals that make a real difference in the efforts to help Puerto Rico.

Day 17 after Hurricane Maria – Disaster relief mission to Lares (7 October 2017)

Together with our friends and partners Victor Negron and Jonathan Reyes, Ayuda Mi Isla staff went out on a mission to a neighbourhood in need in Lares. Thanks to our friends at #FEMA, we were able to deliver much needed water and general supplies.
It was gut-wrenching to see that so many people had lost so much in their lives. But amidst all the hardship, everyone showed their appreciation for what we did and wanted to share the few things they had with us: a cup of coffee here, a refreshing drink there and many smiles.

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